Russian Print Abroad

What is Russian Print Abroad?

After several decades of researching archives and collections of Russia Abroad, and encountering rare gems along the way, I am sharing some of these finds as a means to continue cultivating the interest in and study of Russian emigration. Newspapers have often been overlooked as valuable source material, even though they provide important insights. Furthermore, many emigre publications are extremely rare, and frequently exist only in a few collections, often only in partial runs. This is especially true for publications from Eastern Europe and China, as emigres were fleeing and relocating after World War II, without the opportunity to bring much with them.

This forum will serve as a resource for research and discourse, please submit your own materials for inclusion and discussion. As these materials continue to perish due to age questions of preservation continue to be front and center. Hopefully, some of the images will contribute to the study of Archival Rossica by drawing attention to the rich heritage of the print culture of the Russian diaspora.

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